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Re: [APD] Aquascaping at the NEC

I planning on doing a presentation tracing the historical development of the flared spout on ewers, beginning with Etruscan designs and going right up to their frequent inclusion in crossword puzzles.
I am going to do the entire presentation in mime, so if you want to bring your iPods, that will be fine.

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Hi all,

I just wanted to remind everyone the the annual NEC Convention will be 
held March 16-18th, at the Marriott in Farmington, Ct.  Of particular 
interest to aquatic gardeners is the AGA discussion on Friday for which 
the guest speaker is well known and highly experienced aquarist Scott 
Heiber.  The AGA meeting is from 2-4:00pm and there is no cost to attend 
this event.  This is certainly something not to miss.

The remaining events on Friday and Saturday require a registration fee 
to attend, but the money is certainly worth is as the speakers are 
always first class.  This year has aquarium fish related speakers 
covering Project Piaba,  Collecting in Uruguay, Discus, Cichlids, 
Guppies, Marine Fish, Loricarids and Killiefish.  As a non-fish person I 
still find these talks wonderful and highly informative.

Saturday also has two additional attractions for the planted tank 
enthusiast.  From 3-4:15pm *Jeff Senske* will present and from 
4:15-5:15PM Jeff will conduct an *Aquascaping Demonstration*.  You won't 
want to miss this.   On Sunday, there is a huge auction of goods, rare 
fish and aquatic plants.  I also *believe* the aquascaped tank Jeff will 
setup is to be auctioned!

To find more info about the NEC, directions, official speaker list, etc:

Myself and several other NEAPS members will be there for the entire 
Conference.  It is a great experience that you won't want to miss.  It 
is also the only event/meeting the will happen for NEAPS members in 
March, so get your plant fix in while you can. (April will find us back 
at the Lutz in Manchester).

Hope to see you all there!
Dennis Dietz
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