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Re: [APD] Proper disposal of Aquatic plants and hobbyist

It's interesting this topic has come up.  I had been struggling with the
same thing when I personally realized that plants are a form of life too.
So what I do is when I have to dispose of plant clippings, leaves, etc i
take a 500ml or so coke bottle, fill it with liquid chlorine bleach, place
the flora inside, and then cap and let the bottle sit upside down as to
encase everything in bleach.

Alternatively, why don't you guys set up some kind of communicé system where
you can trade plants or give plants to newbies.  When I was a teen and
eagerly had a thirst for the hobby, reading every word and looking at every
photo in Innes Scheurmanns book, I WISHED that someone could give me free
plants because my LFS lacked some exotics I saw in the book and well, plants
are expensive for an aspiring 15 year old aquarist.
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