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Re: [APD] Proper disposal of Aquatic plants and hobbyist responsibility

I would love to see our hobby escape into the natural environment Dennis! More hobbyists the
better I would say.. Hmmm.. then wild animals would be keeping fish as pets? mind boggling possibilities.

OTOH would the hobbyist also escape? that would a be nice! peaceful scenario thoughts..
All are welcome to my coffee estate for some peace and quiet BYOB (Bring your own beer).

Sorry! Could'nt help it! Where is APDs humor gone?


>Following those ideas, let's use this thread to teach ourselves and to educate others. What are the techniques and steps we should take? As a starting point (but certainly not limited to) please consider the following questions: 
>    * How do we prevent our hobby from escaping into the natural environment? 
>    * How do we be responsible hobbyists? 
>    * What techniques are sufficient to destroy unwanted plants and trimmings? 
>    * What about water change water? Is running the hose to the garden really OK? 
>    * How can we encourage and educate hobbyists and LFS/plant suppliers in order to make sure this idea become common knowledge? 
>    * How can we as dedicated and caring hobbyists educate new people, LFS and suppliers? 
>    * Ultimately, I feel we need to make sure businesses don't feel like they will lose revenue (but will look better by being responsible) and the hobbyists won't feel like they cannot keep plants. The idea is to keep our freedom by ensuring that new situations do not arise and force heavier government regulation, state black-listing, etc. In that regard, this is a subject th

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