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Re: [APD] Proper disposal of Aquatic plants and hobbyist

Would placing the water and plants into a black bucket (like them black 
square plastic mixing pans) be a good place to let the water evaporate, 
and plants dry to *death* (in the hot sun), be a good way for disposal?

I'm thinking KEEP IT SIMPLE...no chemicals et al.

Evaporation in the sun should leave just the dried up elements, I would 
guess. After it's dried and gone, let the worms have it, or send down 
the garbage disposal? In my case, to my septic tank? I don't have an 
incinerator...though I do have a flame thrower (propane torch).

There was a time when people used to throw all their trash out the 
windows of speeding cars (1960-ish).

Harry Martin
Casper, WY

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