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Re: [APD] Proper disposal of Aquatic plants and hobbyist

>I would appreciate any insight in to the proper disposal and destruction
>of unwanted plants/trimming.  How do we do it?   How do we make it fast,
>easy and safe in order to help encourage more people?  How do we educate
>others?  Lets turn this into something positive!


Thanks... this is a very good subject to bring up.  Invasive species is a
very serious problem and is a form of pollution.  Pollution of all kinds
(air/land/water) in our modern age is threatening the overall survival of
humans.  So what is some good effective ways to lessen or at least minimize
the release of invasive species?

.	Water disposal should be done with UV, then potassium permanganate and
finally boiled (bleach may also help) before going any place after being
removed from your set up.
.	Plant material of any kind should be collected and allowed to dry.   Then
burned or broken down in an acid (which must be neutralized before
disposal).  A good alternative is to use in a compost system but this will
not provide 100% effectiveness unless your compost system is managed
Reality however... since we are dealing with human beings.  We can pass any
law we want, we can discuss all we want, we can plain ole follow good and
proper responsible practices..... Statistically a small few of the millions
(tens of millions globally) will not follow or practice what is required.
This is all it takes to cause a very serious problem.

  Richard JIVA Wickboldt

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