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Re: [APD] Proper disposal of Aquatic plants and hobbyist, responsibility

For years I've been saying the public needs to be educated, that stores 
should have big posters and that there should be PSAs on TV and radio 
from fish and wildlife. Well the last time I purchased fish at a 
Petsmart they came in bags that say don't release fish and aquatic 
plants. I was actually pretty delighted to see it. It's a small start 
but it's still a start. On the bag it seems to be sponsored by PIJAC, US 
Fish and Wildlife and something I hadn't heard of before NOAA'S SFA 
Grant. There is a web site mentioned at http://habitattitude.net/

Particularly with the fish a lot of people just don't realize. I've 
talked quite a few well meaning people from dumping fish in local 
waters. I think for the most part it's just that they have no idea, they 
think they're letting them run free. And as more and more people live in 
cities and less and less in the country or woods their only knowledge of 
nature comes from Disney like nature shows and they just have no idea 
what nature is really like and no idea what happens when you dump 
something off in a place it doesn't belong. And they have no idea how 
much something can take over and destroy the natural flora and fauna. I 
think the more people know the less likely they are to release animals 
or plants where they don't belong.

As to what I do with plants I can't give away or when I'm pulling out 
stuff I don't think anyone would want, well I feed them to my ducks, 
they'll even eat caulerpa, but that's probably not an option for most. :)

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