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Re: [APD] New Madagascar Lace Pics

On 2/27/07, Stuart Halliday <stuart at stuarthalliday_com> wrote:
> > It only takes 6 months for the seeds to grow into half decent sized
> plants, too,
> > with leaves a couple of inches long (but not much of a bulb at this
> size).
> Amazing. Tropica should phone you up. ;-)
> So why did they tell me 4 years? Perhaps I got Saturday staff email? :-))
> I didn't collect the seeds based on their advice. :-(

I wouldn't be surprised if it take 4 years to grow a commercial sized builb,
which is entirely different than growing a very nice plant.    When I moved
I had 18 month old hybrids I grew from seeds that had bulbs ranging in size
from barely discernable to scallion sized.  Gave them away with the move.
The seeds came from flower stalks of the el cheapo hybrid bulbs in a bag.

One of the original bulbs grew into an amazing plant -- the leaves were only
4 inches long with leaves that looked something in between a crispus and a
uvlaceous.  For reasons I do not know, the bulb turned to mush in a span of
about a week.  I tipped the bulb so that the growing tip was pointed forward
and the resulting plant looked like a fan because of the orientation of the
tip.  Made a lovely foreground accent.  Wish I could find another one.
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