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Re: [APD] New Madagascar Lace Pics

I believe Richard J. Sexton wrote this email section below:
> They don't die back - they run out of food. It's a myth, just stick a plant tab
> under their roots. I've seen them flower non stop for 6 months at least.

So it's a myth is it?
I'll tell my Lace plant that next time it 'appears' to die.

> It only takes 6 months for the seeds to grow into half decent sized plants, too,
> with leaves a couple of inches long (but not much of a bulb at this size).

Amazing. Tropica should phone you up. ;-)
So why did they tell me 4 years? Perhaps I got Saturday staff email? :-))
I didn't collect the seeds based on their advice. :-(

Stuart Halliday
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