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Re: [APD] Madagascar Lace (Richard J. Sexton)

Claus Christensen wrote:
> RE: why this plant produces the lace like structure of the leaves.
> It is interesting! I am not sure that somebody really knows that for
> sure!
> I have some hypothesis!
> It stabilise the leaves in the fast running rivers where it lives!
> Without the holes - the plant will destroy the leaves by flapping up and
> down!

That would make sense. Photos of the plant in the wild show a fast 
moving current.

> RE: how to pollinate the flower and make it produce seeds:
> It is easy! Just pull the flower up and down trough the water surface -
> the pollen will flow out on the water and pollinate the other flowers
> (best if you have two flower stem from different plants - but as far as
> I remember it also function wit different flower from the same flower
> stem). The seed will then later develop at the flower stem!

I may try adding a second lace plant and see what happens...

Harry Martin
Casper, WY

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