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Re: [APD] Recommendation on college landscaping books

Greg Fiske wrote the following:

Subject: [APD] Recommendation on college landscaping books
From: "Greg Fiske" <GFiske at tkscengineering_com>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 09:42:48 -0800

I was interested in improving my underwater landscaping skills.  Does anyone 
have any recommendation on landscaping books?  Do college landscaping 
textbooks have information on color and composition, or things that might 
apply to aquascaping?  Or is it just technical information about storm water 
or grading, for example?  Would I be better off studying graphic design 
books?  I've gone through gardening books and Japanese gardening books at 
borders, but would like something a bit more in-depth.

Jerry Smith writes the following:


I saw your post and meant to reply sooner, but was delayed. I have a book 
called, "The Perennial Garden- Color Harmonies through the Seasons" written 
by Jeff and Marilyn Cox and published by Rodale Press, Inc. in Emmaus, PA. 
It was published in 1985 with the ISBN of 0-87857-573-1.

The first chapters may have a lot of information useful in designing 
underwater landscapes. Chapter 2 is titled, "Understanding Color Harmonies" 
and gets into the nature of color, color theory, and color harmonies in art 
and nature. Chapter 3 "Planning the Flower Garden" gets into color accents, 
color balance, color strategies, and planning the garden on paper. Chapter 4 
gets in monthly color balance in perennial gardens.

The color photos really are beautiful. Plenty of rockwork in the perennial 
gardens with ideas to use in an aquarium- not to say the book gives hints 
about aquariums, just that with imagination you can transfer the information 

I am not sure if the book is still in print, but you may be able to get it 
from your library via interlibrary loan, or purchase it used via the 
Internet. Hope you can find it.

Jerry Smith

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