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[APD] surface agitation reduction

Hi I haven't been on here in about a year. I've been thankful though for all
the decent reads and info guiding me through my aquatic plant experience.
Although in the last few months has gone awry due to my brother being in
possession of my tanks due to owing rent etc. don't want to go into that
story. In any case I got my tanks back this week. Which I'm excited about.
but of course I went from probably having around 15 fish to only 4 left
cause he didn't know how to take care of them.

In any case I remember having trouble with getting my co2 levels up for my
plants (yet again not many left now) in my 55 gallon which I'm assuming was
because of the surface agitation from my aquaclear 70 hang on back filter.
so... I did some research and decided I either needed to build my own
canister filter or buy one. Well I thought what if I could simply modify the
filter I already have?

So here is a simple tip for anyone who is having the same surface agitation
I found that the cover for a CD case wedges perfectly between the output of
my filter. set at a slight angle it allows an escape for the filtered water
while causing very little surface agitation.
And that's it. I haven't tested it fully yet as I just got my tank back but
I thought I would share it. It is possible there are other filters out there
that can benefit from the same principle.
I hope this will help someone and I can share a little bit back to you guys.
thanks again,
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