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[APD] plants for you


I just did a slight remodel and have these plants to offer for $5  
(equivalent to a bottle of Moylans Double IPA) plus shipping or  
possibly, trade.  Since I know nothing about plants, the trade thing  
is dicey.  I'll have to look up the plants and try to figure out if  
it will go in my tank, which is pretty full.  But, feel free to  
offer.  I'd like to mail the plants out tomorrow.

First, Aponogeton crispas (ID by Tom Barr).  a thing that came to me  
from Aquatic plants.com as a bulb and has since grown numerous leaves  
and flowers even (white forked things above water).  I don't like it  
because the leaves float on the surface and shade things below.

Second, narrow leafed java fern from Tom Barr.  He donated a bunch to  
me and I've now pulled some out.  Don't know anything about Java  
Fern, narrow leafed or not, but Tom said this was rare.

Third, a frilly plant that I think is Myriophyllum simulans.  Mine is  
darker than the picture in Teepot.  Frilly, waves in the current, but  
I didn't like it my tank.


John F. Hess, Davis California   johnfhess at comcast_net

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