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Re: [APD] Solution - Ideas for encouraging/controlling floating plants

I believe Erin Poythress wrote this email section below:
> Stuart,
> Actually I posted that ages ago and that seems like a
> pretty good idea I never would have thought of--
> thanks! 

Sorry didn't notice a used by date. It came into my PC on the 8th. ;-)

I was thinking more on this.

If you had 2 or 3 straws glued together then one of them could be slightly 
weighted so that it extends down into the water. Each end could be attached 
via a bit of fishing line to a sucker on opposite glass walls so that as the 
water level goes up or down it remains in place.

 > Next time I go out to eat I'll steal a bunch
 > of straws. Probably I'll just politely ask. I'm so tame.

Next time you're are the supermarket or wine shop, look out for different 
designs of drinking straws. I often find myself looking at things like this 
for possible aquatic use.

Stuart Halliday
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