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Re: [APD] Planted Discus Tank using Natural methods?

>Swinging dangerously back to the original subject, I'm currently
>considering following Walsteds advise on using minimal filtration on the
>tank (I believe she only use's power heads for water movement), this is
>quite a scary idea I know as its usual to use a big external canister
>filter for discus.  I'm thinking I'll use two Eheim Powerball internal
>filters (each rated for 50-60G) on my 72G tank initially (one in each
>back corner), the reason I'm thinking about using Eheim filters is that
>they can be stripped right back to just the power head (so if I feel
>brave enough to just use power heads I can).  The other bonus for using
>internal filters is that there is no leak risk like with an external
>filer (although I've never had a external leak before), which is good as
>I'm in a rental condo.

Walstead got her inspiration from Dorothy "Ma" Reimer in London Ontario;
lots of Ontario aquarists did as well. Most (all?) use filters not


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