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Re: [APD] Planted Discus Tank using Natural methods?

Thanks for all the feedback folks and for correcting my view on the role
of snails in the aquarium, I must admit its not something I'd looked
into much I'd just assumed that the MTS were good for turning over the
substrate and eating waste food, for some reason it had no occurred to
me that they'd poop too!

Swinging dangerously back to the original subject, I'm currently
considering following Walsteds advise on using minimal filtration on the
tank (I believe she only use's power heads for water movement), this is
quite a scary idea I know as its usual to use a big external canister
filter for discus.  I'm thinking I'll use two Eheim Powerball internal
filters (each rated for 50-60G) on my 72G tank initially (one in each
back corner), the reason I'm thinking about using Eheim filters is that
they can be stripped right back to just the power head (so if I feel
brave enough to just use power heads I can).  The other bonus for using
internal filters is that there is no leak risk like with an external
filer (although I've never had a external leak before), which is good as
I'm in a rental condo.

Any thoughts?

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