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[APD] Solution - Ideas for encouraging/controlling floating plants

The problem, as I'm sure you're aware, is keeping the
frogbit where I want it. I know that some pond keepers
string fishing line to keep floaters in a particular
spot, but fishing line up there would make water
changing kind of a pain. Any ideas about what I could
attach to keep the frogbit on that side that I could
also remove easily when needed?

Thanks for any suggestions.


   I have a 75 gal heavily planted tank set up for angelfish.  I also like
to keep a section for floating plants.  I can suggest to you how I have
successfully accomplished containing floating plants.  I had a piece of
glass cut a little under the width size of the tank and about 2 - 1/2" in
depth.  then attached inside of the tank on the side of the glass two
slotted pieces of wood where I wanted my floating section to be.... then
inserted the cut glass and it works fine.

    Richard Wickboldt

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