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[APD] FS: AHS hood in Oak $25 plus shipping

Hi all,

I purchased an AH hood for my tank and ended up not using it. (I  
bought an expensive maple canopy to hide the lights and match the  
stand.)  The hood is Oak, but darker than the pics here:

It's 48 inch long x 9.75 wide and basically 3.5 inches tall. I bought  
it for a 55g tank.  I drilled a few holes in the underside to mount  
my T5 Tek light conversion kit, but then pulled the lights and  
mounted them in the maple canopy.  If you want pics, I can forward some.

I paid $50 plus $25 shipping, Is anyone interested in purchasing it  
for $25 plus actual shipping?  Comments or questions, just email me.   
For the time being, I'm waiting for the cable guy.

John F. Hess, Davis California   johnfhess at comcast_net

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