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Re: [APD] pearling after water changes Vol 2


        I've seen this too.. I think my heaters are growing. they seem
longer than last year when I took them out during spring. Some don't
fit the tanks anymore.

        I'm more worried about electric "Bill"ing than pearling!


At 29-01-07, you wrote:
>I just noticed that one of my heaters responds to water changes,
>particularly if the changes are large in size and made with some vigor.  The
>heater becomes covered with bubbles, some of which dissipate and are
>replaced by new ones, at least for a while.  
>I hadn't known that heaters responded so rapidly to changes in gaseous
>nutrients.  That heater hasn't shown any growth to speak of, but then it is
>kept in a low light environment without added carbon.

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