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Re: [APD] White Bacterial Bloom & Ferts.

If this is a whitsh bloom; it's bacterial and will go away eventually even if you do nothing.  Usually, with a lot of healthy plants, the cloudiness is avoided but sometimes not. Without plants it is very common. It will subside although it could take days, weeks or longer. If in your case it's getting better already, you could be in for a speedy recovery. If you want to speed up, you can filter much of it out with a diatom filter and perhaps the aid of some water "clarifier" (a clumping aganet) to help clump the cells into larger glops to be filtered. A UV can help. But the main thing is, this is just a phase your tank is going through. Don't overfeed the fish but keep feeding your plants and fish and keep up the weekly water changes for the health of the fish and plants. If you test and have really high nitrogen, then add some floating water sprite to suck up more of the nitrogen. But the problem generally isn't too much nitrogen; it's just that the colloidal bacteria get
 going before and until the biofilm develops in the tank and filter tubes, media, etc. 

Focus on the plants and fish and the colloidal bacteria will give way to biofilm.

have plants, have fun,
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20 g-heavily planted> 70 watts-13 hour cycle> 
Hagen-ladder-Co2> Seachem Flourish Ferts._suggested dosing
> 6 diamondback tetras,15 nerite snails, 3  > SAEs,> 4 Otos,
6 Red Cherry Shrimp, and 5 Amano shrimp
New tank
I have some cloudiness in my tank and I know that its from the bacteria in the water
feeding on nutrients . If I keep the lights off for a couple days will this starve the 
bacteria? Also do I need to lay off the fertilizers and feeding the fish for a couple 
days as-well? It's been hanging around for about a week now, getting slightly better. 
I know it happens as the nitrogen cycle starts to end on new tank, but 
I want to get it over with and prevent it from happening again.
Any advice and help would be great. Thanks a lot.
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