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[APD] White Bacterial Bloom & Ferts.

20 g-heavily planted> 70 watts-13 hour cycle> 
Hagen-ladder-Co2> Seachem Flourish Ferts._suggested dosing
> 6 diamondback tetras,15 nerite snails, 3  > SAEs,> 4 Otos,
 6 Red Cherry Shrimp, and 5 Amano shrimp
New tank
 I have some cloudiness in my tank and I know that its from the bacteria in the water
feeding on nutrients . If I keep the lights off for a couple days will this starve the 
bacteria? Also do I need to lay off the fertilizers and feeding the fish for a couple 
days as-well? It's been hanging around for about a week now, getting slightly better. 
I know it happens as the nitrogen cycle starts to end on new tank, but 
I want to get it over with and prevent it from happening again.
Any advice and help would be great. Thanks a lot.
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