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[APD] Allelopathy was Re: pearling after water changes Vol 2

Yeah, it is but it's role in aquaria is hotly debated. Walstad cites a
number of papers in her book and attributes the lack of algae in her tanks
to allelopathy -- she recommends no water changes.  Tom has posted a number
of references -- quite a long number of them -- to this list that contradict
the references Walstad cites. There is an article about allelopathy in
planted aquaria on the Tropica website, written by Ole Pedersen if I recall
correctly, that supports the idea that allelopathy has a limited role at
best in aquaria.  I think that is Tom's conclusion as well.

My personal belief -- and that is all it is at this point -- is that Tom is
correct about exposure to CO2 gas making a big difference in growth but I
haven't seen anything yet that really indicates that is true with one
exception.  I've noticed that when the first bit of panted, submerged water
sprite reaches the top of the tank that the growth of the entire plant is
much, much faster than when the entire plant is submerged.  I see that in
water sprite growing in both CO2 and Excel tanks.  I also observed a change
in growth rate when I rescaped the CO2 inject tank and moved the water
sprite from a place where CO2 bubbles were blown onto the plant to the one
spot in the tank that has no bubbles.

People who use ADA equipment and set it up in the manner advised by ADA have
CO2 gas micro-bubbles blowing throughout the tank.  I'd expect that is one
of the reasons that the ADA method works well.  That and the fact that
plants getting that much money spent on them should feel obligated to grow
exceptionally well.  :)

On 1/29/07, Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:
> Jerry Baker wrote:
> > Not in aquatic plants that I am aware of.
> I stand corrected. Apparently allelopathy in aquatic plants is
> quite-well known, as are the chemicals involved.
> http://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&lr=&q=allelochemical+%22aquatic+plants%22&btnG=Search
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