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Re: [APD] cheap co2 canisters?


        I've done this and used it for a couple of years. I had a coupling
made from brass that went between the soda gas bottle and the needle valve.
Whatever I did there were leaks and my 375 gm cylinder would last from weeks
to a couple of months if there were no leaks.

        Once the whole assembly just sheared off with the pressure and
the valve spindle shot through my window. Sure fire way of shooting
yourself in the head!

        I changed to a commercial 9 Kg beer pub cylinder which I can get 
anytime home delivered.. it lasts for years and no problems. Safer bet!

        Try finding a small commercial CO2 cylinder with standard coupling.


P.S. You would normally get 2 copies of this message from me unintentionally!

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>I really need a cheap form of CO2 canister instead of yeast.
>I've seen in the supermarkets those SodaStream bottles for making fizzy drinks.
>Can I use these some how?
>I guess I need some way to fit the output onto a needle valve.
>Anyone done this?
>Stuart Halliday

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