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Re: [APD] Shrimp q's

I believe John F. Hess wrote this email section below:
> Hi,
> separate email because it's specifically shrimp questions.
> After a couple weeks in the tank, it looks like all my Amano shrimp  
> (7 from the lfs in town) are still alive.  I have only seen one or 2  
> at a time, but for the past couple of afternoon-evenings, they have  
> been localized to one spot on a piece of wood.  What's up with that? 

Probably Infusoria and algae growing on the wood.

An 'all-you-can-eat' cafe? :-)

> Also, I have a ghost shrimp that is getting whiter and opaque.  Is  
> this old age or growth, indicating he'll be splitting his skin and  
> getting a new shell?

Could be. As long as you feed low protein food, have a decent level of GH 
water then your shrimp can develop a good carapace.

Shrimp often change colour as they absorb minerals from your tank.

>  Last, talking about water, the surface of my  
> water has a very faint sort of oil slick look on part of it.  I  
> assume it's not supposed to be there?  Is it from plants/fish/food/ 
> pump/my arm or what?

Biofilm from bacteria probably.

Stuart Halliday
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