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[APD] Cleaning up red algae

My planted goldfish tank has suddenly been overrun with hair algae, or 
maybe it's beard algae.  It is especially bad on the leaf surfaces of my 
anubias.  I've cleaned up most of it, and I just noticed that the fish 
are trying to eat it off the anubias.  I need to repossess my CO2 tank 
(teenage daughter is carrying it in her car because she has a leaky 
tire) and hook it up again so the plants will outgrow the algae.

Can I bleach the anubias to kill the algae, or will that hurt the 
anubias?  (can you even hurt an anubias?)

How about making a temporary terrarium out of a half-gallon fruit jar 
and planting the anub' in that for a week or two with the leaves out of 
the water?


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