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Re: [APD] CO2, water changes gas phase Vol1

Am I not reading his post correctly?  I thought he was describing the 
measures he went through to avoid aeration and such.

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On Fri, 26 Jan 2007 20:14:40 -0800 "Rachel S" <rachelsor at gmail_com> wrote:
>Liz has a good point, at least from the limiting variables perspective. 
>my husband, a homebrewer, chimes in that it is possible that the act of
>refilling the tank could quite easily aerate the water - when transfering
>beer from one vessel to another it has to be done in a specific way to 
>getting oxygen dissolved in the water - the very thing Tom is seeing.
>On 26/01/07, Liz Wilhite <satirica at gmail_com> wrote:
>> To find out if the pearling is due to exposure to air, drain off the tank
>> water, expose the plants to air, and add the same tank water back
>> in.  That
>> will at least suggest air exposure has something to do with, but will not
>> confirm it, and certainly will not confirm that CO2 gas had anything to 
>> with it.
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