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Re: [APD] Pearling after water changes, some experimental observations vol 1

I believe Thomas Barr wrote this email section below:

> Why would the plants not have bubbles after the water change,
> then formation occurs 15-30 minutes later?
> The water is at equilibrium so no degassing is going to occur.
> The only reason I can figure out to such a degree that
> influences plant growth like this is due to exposure to air for
> 5 minutes.
> What is in air that's not at high levels in the tank that would
> induce intense growth?
> CO2 in the gas phase.

Not 100% convinced.

Try the same experiment again. But this time leave the level of water in the 
tank just above the leaves for 5 mins so they're not exposed to the air?

That way the only change would have been the exposure to the air and not 
just the addition of new water.

Observe the difference this may or may not make?

Stuart Halliday
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