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Re: [APD] Aqua Medic Membrane CO2 Reactor

S. Hieber wrote:
> Well, you must admit, they make the thing look imposing, important and complicated. Some folks would pay a fortune to make themselves look that way; so what's a few bucks on a CO2 device?   ;-)
> It's not supposed to need to bubble to be effective. It supposedly will difuse directly into the water without bubbles. You'd have to keep it clean to keep it functioning. Someone did report a year or two back that they did work, although he was selling the units at the time, iirc. Personally, I like to keep as much equipment out of the aquarium as possible.

I intend to run it in the sump right at the pump intake to maximize 
water flow over the diffuser. It's ability to do what it claims remains 
to be seen. I'm hoping it does. Eliminating a CO2 reactor would be nice.

"Karl Marx's grave is a communist plot."

Jerry Baker
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