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Re: [APD] 10,000K CF

On 1/19/07, fixingahole at ftml_net <fixingahole at ftml_net> wrote:
> > It is extremely unlikely that light is your  problem.  You have an
> > abundance of light now,  whatever the color temperature is.  My guess
> > is that you are not  providing enough nutrients to make the light the
> > limiting factor in plant growth, as, in my opinion, you should.  How
> > are you fertilizing and providing CO2 to that tank?
> I tried adding nutrients, throwing in practically everything Seachem
> makes. Flourish, Flourish Excel, Flourish root tabs, Flourish nitrogen,
> iron, and potassium, and Trace. Also, I tried every fertilizer
> separately so that I would know what had the best effect. All I got was
> more algae and no better growth, although the iron did seem to make the
> plants a little red. That's why I thought that something else was the
> limiting factor. As for CO2, it's the same automated system that was on
> the old tank: 5 gallon tank, external CO2 reactor, small Eheim pump, and
> Milwaukee controller. Ph is about 6.7. The plants pearl very nicely
> under all that light.
You have 6.2 wpg on a 90 G tank which is probably similar to 8 wpg over a
55G.  It's excessive.  It's likely that following the Seachem dosing chart
is not going to put enough nutrients into the tank.  It's around twice as
much light as is needed to grow high light plants.

Want better growth?  Cut the lights by half.  What you have now is probably
best described as "excessive".

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