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Re: [APD] 10,000K CF

> It is extremely unlikely that light is your  problem.  You have an  
> abundance of light now,  whatever the color temperature is.  My guess  
> is that you are not  providing enough nutrients to make the light the  
> limiting factor in plant growth, as, in my opinion, you should.  How  
> are you fertilizing and providing CO2 to that tank?

I tried adding nutrients, throwing in practically everything Seachem
makes. Flourish, Flourish Excel, Flourish root tabs, Flourish nitrogen,
iron, and potassium, and Trace. Also, I tried every fertilizer
separately so that I would know what had the best effect. All I got was
more algae and no better growth, although the iron did seem to make the
plants a little red. That's why I thought that something else was the
limiting factor. As for CO2, it's the same automated system that was on
the old tank: 5 gallon tank, external CO2 reactor, small Eheim pump, and
Milwaukee controller. Ph is about 6.7. The plants pearl very nicely
under all that light.

> When I first started keeping plants I erroneously believed that it was 
> necessary to limit phosphates (Conlin & Sears had something to do with 
> that notion). I had all kinds of problems with algae and poor growth. As 
> soon as I added a little phosphate everything was great.

There's phosphate in our water supply. A saltwater guy who tested the
water was horrified at the amount. But I realize that freshwater is
different. Could the plants possibly be using all that phosphate and
need more? What phosphate additive did you use?

Thanks everyone!

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