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[APD] AHS 55W lights

I just been trying the 7800K bulbs that AHsupply.com is now carrying in the 55watt size. I was growing weary of the stark light of the 10,00K bulbs but don't want to go back all the way to 5500K bulbs. These 7800k bulbs are still burning in so they have their initial intense brightness that is characteristic of fluorescent bulbs. 
Re the color: they are noticeably "cooler" in color than the 5500K and "warmer" than the 10,000K bulbs. I know it might seem that that is to be expected but it's not always the case with fluorescent bulbs -- I've gotten bulbs from a couple of places that were marked 5000K but were much "bluer" in appearance than bulbs rated for a much higher color temp. AHS is pretty good about the bulbs it chooses to vend and these seem like nice ones for those of you that want a bit more blueness in your white light than the 5500Ks but don't want to make the leap all the way to the stark white light of the 10,000Ks.
In the above, I use "cooler" and "warmer" in the oil artists' sense where redder white (like lead oxide) is considered warmer and bluer (like titanium dioxide) cooler. Of course, purely from a physics standpoint, since wavelengths are higher energy as one moves up through the spectrum from infrared, red, orange, green blue, violet, UV, X-ray, gamma ray, the bulbs with higher color temps are technically hotter than redder bulbs. Which has nothing to do, of course with the heat emitted by the bulb, which is a whole diff matter.  ;-)
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