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Re: [APD] ADA aqua soil amazonia, Clay balls and comparing substrates

> From: "Liz Wilhite" <satirica at gmail_com>
> Subject: Re: [APD] ADA Aqua Soil
> To: "aquatic plants digest" <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>

> More importantly, I see no growth benefits when Eco is used in
> conjunction
> with water column dosing. 

EC does not possess any significant macro nutrient that are
truly bioavailavle, it does have Fe etc, much like Flourite etc.

While such products do have Ca, Mg, whether they are truly
bioavailable is a matter of debate and wide speculation.....
SiO2 is a source of O2 under such marketing schemes as is
"Tourmaline"'s nutrient content.
It's not bioavailable, but claims like to suggest simply because
it's there in the elemental form, that somehow, perhaps by
magical "plant fairies" bestowing some miracle of chemistry that
science has not yet uncovered, but of course is known to the
purveyor and is "propietory" information.

Sometimes they leave that last part out.

But the point, yes there are a few, that you are comparing two
different nutrient sources, they are radically different.

A better comparsion would be pre boiled soil vs ADA aqua soil
If you compare a substrate without any macro nutrients vs one
with, I'd expect to see more growth(if you truly want "more
growth"= faster growth, that is a matter of debate as well).
This assumes a non fertilized or filtered water column with low

With some plants, if you set up a fair test with non limiting
water column fertilizer, you wuill not see a difference between
substrates. But with others, you most certainly will if there's
ample nutrients, stability, water changes, CO2 etc.

Now when the water column is well fertilizer AND you test 2
substrates and one does better, then it's no longer something
the water column alone can be improved upon, you now have a
basal improvement(defined as increased growth rate) that's not
relatable to the water column.

That's a good item to add to a tank.
Soil does this also.
Kitty litter to a lesser degree.
Soaking kitty litter in KNO3/KH2PO4/Traces/CaSO4/MgSO4 for a few
days in a warm location, then allow it to dry is another method
I tried recently.

I have not cooked it for 1 hour etc, just dried it, I think some
cooking might help to reduce cloudiness.

ADA sort of does this with the Aqua soil.
Clay + soil/nutrients = > cook, roll to get good particle

> plants that
> grow just as fast and lushly as those grown in Eco.  Eco is
> far more
> expensive -- particularly since its shipped wet -- and I just
> don't see what
> the benefits are.

No rinsing, but that can be said for the ADA AS as well.
> I like how it looks but I can buy the same look at a reduced
> price by
> purchasing other materials that are less expensive, easier to
> plant in and
> grows plants just as well. So, what's the point?
> Liz

Management options.
I had a talk today with a friend, very knowledgable and one of
the best scapers out there. Folks often ask what is "better" for
the plants. I assume this to mean: if you do treatment A, then
that will mean you will see an increase in the growth rate vs
Treatment B.

It does not mean, not imply that I favor one vs the other, it
does not imply from a *managament perspective* that A is better
than B either.

Folks seldom listen to when it comes to using less lighting and
non CO2, expecting they can force a CO2/ high light system to
act the same and reducing nutrients or hiding them in a remote
location to avoid algae.

If I set a tank up, I suggest less light, good CO2, good
substrate(as I have for 10+ years), good water column ferts.

If you like ADA, use it, if you like SeaChem use it, if you like
roll your own/DIY, use it.

An interesting thing I also told the scaper.......I suggested
they try using the ADA soil, you know, it's soft clay and can be
moulded into a clay balls, and given the cost of the large bag,
that translates into many pre enriched clay balls.

These can be further enriched with osmocoat, KNO3, KH2PO4, Fe, 
etc whatever your little heart desires.

You have to work it good to make a ball, but it is mouldable. 
28$ on line at Aquatic Design Group for 9 liters of ball say
1/2" in diatmeter? That's a lot of clay balls........

Just an idea for folks that think the ADA AS wears out......
You can add fresh clay balls of the same material just
fine........then you can see and note if it does wear out like
you thought etc.

Tom Barr





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