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Re: [APD] ADA Aqua Soil

Luckily, substrate is usually only stackeda few inches high, so leaps of faith are easier to make. ;-)

Well, not exactly.  I don't think anyone outside of, perhaps, Tropica has actually done any testing with control conditions, null hypotheses and all the rest of the scientific bundle. I think Tom reported on personal experience, and that's a bit diff. 

I'm not trying to take anything away from Tom. I just don't want personal experience taken for scientific proof or certainty. Others have had dissimilar experiences with the substrate. 

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. . . Seriously, I think that when Tom Barr tests something like Aquasoil  
and pronounces that it grows at least some plants better than other  
substrates, it almost certainly does.  That doesn't mean that  
ordinary pool filter sand doesn't grow plants, just that Aquasoil  
does it a little better, measurably so, for some plants, at least.   
Add to that the low cost per unit volume and Aquasoil isn't just  
another "pretty face".
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