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Re: [APD] DIY CO2 in a Red Sea Turbo Bio System?

Thanks! That's just what I needed.

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You surely can. You can even use the very same strain of yeast. All you have
to do is, the next time the unit slows down it's output, pour out the
contents except for some of the slag at the bottom. Add more sugar and
water, baking soda and a bit of protein powder and the live yeast in the
slag will multiply and grow quickly -- doubling time for yeast is about 2
hours -- if you do the math, you'll know that over night you'll have a full

If you need a new starter culture, almost any yeast will do although wine
yeasts can work better because many of them can tolerate higher levels of
alcohol. You can find diff varieties of wine yeast at make-your-own wine
stores and web stores like this:


An excellent recipe can be found in Tarah Nyberg's powerpoint presentation
from here presentation at the 2003 AGA Convention, which you can find here:


Good luck,
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