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Re: [APD] red cherry tankmates


All fish enjoy "soft-shell crab" and that's what they seem to think 
molting shrimp are. Provide lots of rocky structure with hidey holes or 
other good cover, or they will probably be eaten they first time they 
shed their shell.

The Cherries will stay small. Nevertheless, I try to never mix shrimp 
species, because you can end up with some strange hybrids and lose the 
best qualities of the original species. [To be fair, I mostly just have 
the tiny dwarf species, like cherry, crystal, etc.]


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> I got some red cherry shrimp. A few amano and rainbow shrimp in there now. I have 9 wanamensis rainbows, less than 2", and they ignore the existing shrimps but it may be due to the shrimp size, 1.5 in. The cherry are very small. Anyone know if the cherry will be hunted as food?
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