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Re: [APD] chelated iron

I don't bother, with my plants growing well it gets taken up pretty quickly by then anyways.  UV sterilizers do seem to do a number on the chelated iron though.  If I have one running, with my usual iron doses I see the plants going pale.  That doesn't prove it's not some other effect from the UV, but it's the exact same effect I get if I undose on the iron.  But with 2x 175w MH lamps on my 90gal I have no problems dosing iron along with my usual traces/macros three times a week whether I do it in the morning or at night.

I guess it also brings up the question, do plants absorb iron when the lights are off?  Or does that process need the active cycle with light?  If not, then it's no better doing it at night.  Hmmmmm


>Is it true that the iron present in traces & chelated through EDTA process
>will be lost in case of exposure to light? A lot of people sugggests that
>the EDTA chelated iron should be dosed only after lights out.
>Looking forward to comments.
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