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Re: [APD] Algae & Critters

Plants use ammonia as a source of nitrogen, so a tank with lots of  
growing plants will use up any ammonia that appears before it can  
build up to harmful levels.  Of course there are limits on how much  
ammonia the plants will use.  A big dead fish rotting away would  
overwhelm the plants ability to use ammonia.  But the normal ammonia  
generated from fish poop and small excesses of fish food won't build up.


On Jan 9, 2007, at 4:38 AM, Wojciech J. Pilat wrote:

> Wow that's something new I've never heard of. Does the large amount  
> plants keep toxic levels down? thanks again Vaughn
> SAE's grow very large for a 20 gallon tank - too large actually,  
> and  their value as algae eaters drops off as they get bigger, so  
> I  wouldn't get those.  I would get about 6 Otocinclus, the Cherry   
> Shrimp and Amano Shrimp.  I have no experience with the snails so  
> I  have opinion about them.  A well planted tank doesn't need to  
> be  cycled, so there is no good reason to wait much longer to add  
> the  livestock.VaughnOn Jan 8, 2007, at 6:30 PM, Wojciech J. Pilat  
> wrote:> Hello,>>> 20 g-heavily planted> 70 watts-13 hour cycle>  
> Hagen-ladder-Co2> Seachem Flourish Ferts._suggested dosing> 6  
> diamondback tetras>>  I'm in my 11th day of cycling this new tank  
> and I'm starting to  > notice some> clear algae growing atop of the  
> leaves on many plants. I was  > thinking about purchasing an> algae  
> squad of critters advertised on "azgardens" as a preventative  >  
> strike. For a twenty gallon tank they give you 15 nerite snails, 3   
> > SAEs,> 4 Otos, 6 Red Cherry Shrimp, and 5 Amano shrimp. Would t!
>  hey raise  > the ammonia to toxic levels? Should I wait until> the  
> tank has cycled through in a month?> Thanks.
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