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[APD] Losing out on my battle against algae!

Hi! All,

My tank specifications are as follows:-
Size: 90 g
Age of tank: abt 8 months
Type: heavily planted community tank
Light: 8AM - 9AM - 1 nos. 36 watts T8 light
         1 PM to 10 PM - 7 nos. 36 watts T8 light
Filter - Eheim canister filter
CO2- Pressurised @ 2 BPS dissolved through a reactor
CO2 level - abt 33 PPM
NO3-25 PPM
pH - 6.8

Fert: On the day of w/c - 20 mls of KNO3 (stock sol. of 8 tb spoons in 400
mls of Distillld water), 5 mls of KH2PO4 (stock sol. of 2 tb spoons in 400
mls of distilled water, 7 mls of Seachem Iron & 20 mls of Seachem Flourish
Traces. On the 4th day 15 mls of KNO3, 5 mls of KH2PO4 & the same sosage of
traces & Iron

Plant Growth: Plant growth is quite good and I need to trim quite regularly.

Problem: (1) Facing GDA problem for quite some time. Presently trying to get
rid of them by allowing them to complete their life cycle. I have also
reduced the photoperiod from 12hrs to 8 hrs.
              (2) Another problem is that all broad leaved plants are slowly
geting smothered by the GDA. I planted some new stem plants but they are
also getting covered by this algae
              (3) Although I am dosing KH2PO4, I can still see some amount
of green spot alage on the front glass near the substrate

However, plants like N. Japonica, Red & Green Cabomba are unaffetced.

What should I so tackle these problems? Where am I going wrong?

I am really at my wits end and would highly appreciate your help.

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