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Re: [APD] Coralife Colormax 20 Watt CF bulb

Tom C wrote:
> Has anyone else had any experience with these bulbs? If so, are they even
> for growing plants? The box did say that they were daylight bulbs. Not sure
> why they made the bulb red. How can two 20Watt CF bulbs produce less light
> than two 10Watt bulbs?

If it's a true full-spectrum bulb, it may appear dimmer than a bulb 
tuned for human vision. Human eyes perceive green light much more 
strongly than red or blue light. Since a full-spectrum bulb will have 
its energy spread across some of the red and blue ends of the spectrum, 
it may appear dimmer than a bulb with most of its radiant energy 
concentrated in the green. The plants won't care.

"He who throws dirt is sure to lose ground."

Jerry Baker
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