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Re: [APD] stem rot

> would guess your needle valves are made by Swagelok.

Porter. I have a swagelok but it didn't have the resolution. Porter is a super fine valve when making adjustments it's turns, not touches.

>it really doesn't matter since fish are not affected by pH changes 
>caused by CO2.  Normally in the wild pH changes are also accompanied by 
>changes in the TDS and hardness of the water.  Swift changes in these 
>values, TDS and hardness, is what can harm fish.  When you change the pH 
>with CO2 both those values remain the same.

Well, that shows my ignorance. KH is 4 and GH is 7. I was concerned the pH would drop and then even lower at night. I have cobwebs from being away for a few years, but I had problems with plants before.

>I would guess that it's a lighting problem. 23 watt spiral CF lights 
>will only get at most half that amount of light into the tank.

I thought the spiral lights were high lumen. I notice the daylight versions look very bright compared to the regulars. No problem, I can gang more of them too. 

Thanks for the advice, I very much appreciate it.

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