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[APD] Substrate Help

I just started a freshwater 20 gallon tank. 6 teras. 20 Whisper Filter. roughly 20 plants. I have a hagen C02 system with ferltilizers coming in the mail. Im in the 7th day of the cycling the tank. The substrate is nothing but typical natural gravel. I really want to upgrade it up to Laterite or Volcanit. Can I pull everything (plants,gravel) out and put down the Laterite or whatever without damaging the beneficial bacteria? (or shocking the fish) Another option I guess would to be work in the laterite into my existing gravel. My third option I guess would be to ferltilize more than advised in order to compensate the absense of the laterite. Or should I just wait until the cycle is over to do any major rehaul work like this. Any advice or help would be great.
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