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Re: [APD] stem rot

>My suggestion is either carefully calibrate your test kits before  
>trusting them, or don't use test kits to decide what or how much to  
>dose.  Your symptoms sound like you have too little nitrate, and you  
>do need CO2 or at least Excel if you are going to be dosing  
>fertilizers.  How much light do you have on that tank?


Calibrate a test kit, how?
I have 4 CF screw in bulbs, new, 23 watts each. two per dome.  AHS CF kits still in storage, about 8 55W with ballasts. Adding light is not a problem in the near future.
I have two co2 bottles with precision needle valves. I forgot the name, a company  in PA, can meter a bubble a minute if I recall. I want a solenoid to shut off at night to maintain a constant pH. All this is for some rainbowfish that I've tried to get for years. 
I've been adding nitrate, it's 10 ppm. I know it's low.
I need co2 because I keep pH at 7.6 for the rainbows. The hach kits shows about 13ppm co2. I use excel daily.
Thanks very much

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