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Re: [APD] stem rot

My suggestion is either carefully calibrate your test kits before  
trusting them, or don't use test kits to decide what or how much to  
dose.  Your symptoms sound like you have too little nitrate, and you  
do need CO2 or at least Excel if you are going to be dosing  
fertilizers.  How much light do you have on that tank?


On Jan 1, 2007, at 11:36 AM, echo172 at comcast_net wrote:

> my 1 month 50 gal rainbow planted tank is doing horrible. I can  
> test for everything except potassium. i'm getting it balanced for  
> sure but my plants aren't growing and now the stems are rotted at  
> the gravel line. I was adding excel daily to help remove algae. I  
> had BGA, knocked it down and now some green on the glass, but not  
> all over. I can't add co2 yet untill I locate a solenoid. I found  
> iron has dropped off to almost zero so I dosed it. Other than that  
> it's holding steady.
> Any suggestions?

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