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Re: [APD] Lighting for new tank

A 96 watt AH Supply kit, http://www.ahsupply.com/96watt.htm, would be  
ideal for that size tank.  That would provide more light than the T8  
or T10 bulbs, largely because the reflector is so good, and the 2  
watt per gallon "rule" assumes good reflectors.  This kit isn't  
terribly expensive either, and you can make a hood for it following  
AHS's DIY instructions cheaply too.


On Jan 1, 2007, at 8:44 AM, "" <hhatch at sprynet_com> wrote:

> I am setting up a 50 gallon plant tank with pressurized co2. The tank
> dimensions are 36x18x18. I want to run about 2 WPG. I was looking  
> at a 3
> bulb T8 fixture  Is the output of three  25 watt T8 bulbs  
> equivalent to
> three 30 watt T 10 bulbs ? Also should I consider a single 96 watt  
> PC as an
> alternative ?
> Henry Hatch

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