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Re: [APD] 7800 K Bulbs from Aquarium Hobbyist Supply.

At 10:32 AM 12/29/06 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I need to upgrade some of my lighting.  I am wondering if anyone has tried
>the 7800 K bulbs from AHS.  I like the look of the GE 9235 K bulbs that used
>to be offered by All Glass Aquarium Company, but I see that they have
>switched to 8000 K bulbs.  I have read in the archives here that many  liked
>the 8800 K bulbs but see no mention of the 7800 K bulbs offered by AHS or
>the 8000 K bulbs offered by All Glass Aquarium in the 55 Watt size.  Since I
>need to order some light fixtures from AHS, it would be easier just to order
>the 7800 K bulbs from them also.  AHS has the 55 W 7800 bulbs for $18.99.
>I've seen the 8000K bulbs for $17.99 and the GE 9325 K bulbs for $29.99 at
>Dr. Fosters and Smith.

Why would you contemplace $30 tubes when you can get a 7500 bulb for about $7?


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