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I am going to set up a 96x30x30 acrylic aquarium. It will be kind of heavily planted and will have of course Discus fish in it.I am going to use 4x72inch 96 watt bright lites from AH SUPPLY. Is this a good choice.I am going to use for canister filters the Ocean Clear 375 and 380 filters. Is this over kill. My water pump I want to use is a Blue Line HD 100 pumping out 1900 gallons an hour. Is this over kill. I have been told that two Fluvals the new FX-5 models would be enough but the two would only pump out 800gph. So what ever info you can give me would be helpfull. My e-mail addy is mile_hi2000 at yahoo_com. between mile and hi is a underscore. Mile underscore hi2000 at yahoo_com

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