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[APD] new plants!

Hi folks,

I just got my assortment of plants plus 1 square foot of micro swords  
from aquariumplants.com today and planted them in my bare (bare as in  
no plants) 55g tank.  I do not have a plan, but am just trying to see  
what happens and unfortunately, learn how to grow plants.  Some of  
the plants have leaves at the ends of stems, some are frilly, some  
are cuttings wrapped at the base with lead.  I expect things to go  
wrong and learn from my mistakes, so for now, the plants are just  
planted. Unfortunately, the order does not come with a key, so I  
don't know what I was sent.

First question:  the square foot of micro swords is in fact a square  
foot of micro swords all grown together like sod.  I could rip or cut  
it into smaller pieces, but for now, it's in the tank in one piece.   
the question is, how do I plant it?  It wants to float.  Untangling  
each plant and planting it separately is not going to happen.  I  
grabbed handfuls of gravel and used it to weigh the plants down, but  
should I continue this and very evenly scatter some sand/gravel down  
on the plants and try to work in down into the root area?

I'll be reading plant forums now, but helpful tips with regard to  
planting the plants are appreciated, such as how important is it to  
bury the roots and leave the crown exposed from the substrate?  You  
can kill terrestrial plants by planting them too deep.  Same with  
aquatic plants?


John F. Hess, Davis California   johnfhess at comcast_net

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