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Re: [APD] Drying sodium bicarbonate

Hi Bill,

Here is a link which you might find helpful:

Generally, you shouldn't have to dry sodium bicarbonate if you've been
storing it properly (i.e. closed).  One thing you can do is store the closed
container in a dessicator, which will prevent new moisture from entering the
package.  You can also put a small amount of the chemical in the dessicator
in a pan or on paper overnight to help it dry.  Also, if you do choose to
oven dry, allow the sodium bicarbonate to cool in a dessiccator before using
it, since hot solids tend to attract water faster than cool ones.  I guess
the moral is: use a dessicator!

Note that if you do choose to oven dry your sodium bicarbonate, keep the
temperature safely away from boiling (under 90 deg C or 190 deg F), since
ovens tend to have hot-cold (relative) cycles.  Sodium bicarbonate gives off
CO2 as is decomposes, so don't dry too much at once!  Sodium bicarbonate
decomposes around 100 degrees C.


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Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 04:11:51 EST
From: Billionzz at aol_com
Subject: [APD] Drying sodium bicarbonate
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I read that sodium bicarbonate should be dry'ed in an oven to get  rid of
moisture before making a KH reference solution.

Does anyone know for how long and at what  temperature?

I also read that if the temperature gets to high that is starts  changing to
sodium carbonate.

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