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Re: [APD] eBay Needle valve (S series) take 2


I get them from the Gas Dealer here ( Darwin NT, Oztraylya) and he has the
part numbers on file.   I will get the details next time I go to town and
send you the specifications.   They have no thread, there is a straight
through bit of pipe and the fitting on the valve has a clamp arrangement.
Very clever piece of equipment.

If you did buy the valve it would be no problem getting the other bits




On 18/12/06 11:43 AM, "Jerry Baker" <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:

> Dave Wilson wrote:
>> Jerry
>> You can get barb fittings that lock into the valve.   Then attach gas hose
>> to the barb fittings .
> Thank you and Terry for responding. I suppose what I meant (and should
> have said) is, "What, specifically, is required?" I know I want a hose
> barb, but what size and pitch is the thread is it? Is it a standard
> situation with a simple thread, or is it weird (like a left-handed
> thread)? It appears as though the needles valves are threaded on the
> outside (male), are there threads on the inside or do I need a female
> adapter?

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