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[APD] new tank plant buying

Hi folks,

been lurking for a year, and now that the kitchen remodel is done,  
I'll be setting up a 55 gallon planted tank.  20 years ago, I had  
tanks, but that was way before I ever heard of CO2 injection and  
planted tanks as a goal.  I have the tank, lights, substrate, heater,  
external canister filter, and CO2 tank with electronic solenoid  
controller.  I plan on setting up the tank this weekend and letting  
run for a week without anything living in  it, then I'm going to buy  
some plants form the store where I bought the tank. But, I was just  
there and they're plant selection is at a low point.  I've been  
browsing the internet and have a couple questions for folks: any  
recommended internet suppliers of plants and/or shrimp?  With CO2 and  
lights, should I stick to beginners plants, or not worry so much  
about that?  Would folks be interested in donating some extra plants  
to me in exchange for shipping?  My guess is that shipping is tricky  
since a large part of the country is cold right now, it's even not  
warm in northern california where I am.  I don't have a diagram of my  
landscape, just going to buy plants I like, plant them and see how  
things go.  I know I want a large expanse of low grassy type plants,  
and then yes, some taller plants around one side and back.  Please  
email direct or pst back to the list.

PS. I work in a lab and have access to loads of chemical things, but  
also including styofoam shipping boxes that get delivered and usually  
end up in the land fill (yes, I try to recycle them, but a LOT of  
folks in my building don't).

I set the tank up this afternoon, meaning that I added water, got the  
heater, filter and CO2 systems going.  I'm guessing tha in a matter  
of days, I'll have a nice tank of algae? Anyone order plant  
assortments from aquariumplants.com?


I'm thinking about a 12 or 24 or 36 or 2x12 or something like that  
plant assortment plus an order or 2 of ground cover like plants.


John F. Hess, Davis California   johnfhess at comcast_net

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