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Re: [APD] Planted tank urban myths - aerial roots

I've found you can get aerial roots just depending on the surrounding plants.  If planted with tall neighbours my stem plants grow up and don't make aerial roots.
If planted with short neighbours (after a prune) they try and grow horizontally and do make aerial roots (depending on the plant of course).  Seems they know when the opportunity is there to spread out (and smother) and will do so by growing in that direction and dropping roots to make new plants.  That's nothing to do with good/bad water conditions or trying to move to a better location, it's growing in a way that takes advantage of an opportunity.   It's why why I do big pruning jobs, I do those plants a week later so they are already surrounded by taller plants and have to grow up not out.  Probably many reasons why aerial roots get triggered.

Just my 2c

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